United States EPA AWIA Training

  EPA is hosting one-day in-person and web accessible training in each region. The dates have been set for each region beginning October 8, 2019 in Addison, Texas and with the last training set for Atlanta, Georgia on November 15, 2019! 

The FINAL deadline to register for ANY Training is November 1, 2019!

Don’t miss this date! No other public water system training has been announced for the regions and there is no expectation EPA will offer additional training prior to Risk and Resilience Assessment certification deadlines!

You can register for the training at the official EPA training registration (hosted by Eventbrite).

The training agenda promises to cover the following critical questions to ensure you comply with AWIA 2018:  

What is required in Risk and Resilience assessments?

What is required in Emergency Response Plans?

What coordination is required with local emergency planning committees?

What records must be established and maintained?

How do you certify an assessment?

What standard tools are available?

How do you guarantee compliance with AWIA 2018?


Certification of Training in Asset Management

CTAM stands for Certification of Training in Asset Management. It is an exclusive four part series in Asset Management coursework and certification. CTAM has been developed by BAMI-I (Buried Asset Management Institute - International) in conjunction with the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, in partnership with UIM: Water Utility Infrastructure Management, and is hosted by the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech.  CTAM is offered online and in classroom format. CTAM certification is the quickest way to train your staff to execute the fundamental requirements of AWIA 2018.


CTAM-100 – Overview of Asset Management

• Sharing Asset Management Knowledge Globally  • Asset Management Overview & Technologies  • Introduction to Appropriate Websites & Tools  • Risk Management  • Government Regulations  • Case Study Examples 

CTAM-200 – Developing an Asset Management Program

• Underground Infrastructure Asset Management  • Advantages, Rewards, Obstacles & Planning  • Asset Inventory, Organization Strategies & Tools  • Water & Wastewater Condition Assessment  • Data Content, Analysis, Sharing & Distribution 

CTAM-300 – Managing an Asset Management Program

• Organizational, Legal & Budgeting Considerations  • Developing Priorities & Key Performance Indicators  • Infrastructure Inspection, Mapping & Rehab Methods  • Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance  • Asset Worth Value & Life-Cycle Analysis  • Risk-Based Budgeting 

CTAM-400 – Financing an Asset Management Program

• Financial Challenges & Developing Strategies  • Accounting Principles, Reporting & Budgeting  • Strategic Internal & External Financing Tools  • Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build  • Level of Service and Capital Improvement Plans  • Life-Cycle Costing  • Case Study Examples


CTAM Online Courses are available to take 24/7. You can register for the courses by clicking the following links:

CTAM 100

CTAM 200

CTAM 300

CTAM 400